Hi there,
I'm Colin!


about me

Hey 👋 ! I'm Colin, an Engineering 1 student at McMaster University 🎓, looking to specialize in Software Engineering in my second year!

There are two main reasons that drive my passion for programming:

  1. Programming is all about how we can take our "superficial" and "intangible" ideas and create logical explanations so that we can effectively communicate them to others and computers.
  2. Building Software, like creating music, involves taking small individual components and connecting them together to create an amazing result, a process that requires both creativity and the attention for detail and technique.

Some of my interests are web development 🌐, game development 🎮, machine learning 🧠, and competitive programming 🎯. I'm always looking to learn new things that help me diversify my skillset and capabilities.

Outside of academics, I like to spend my time playing the guitar 🎸, listening to music 🎧, or playing a variety of sports from volleyball 🏐 to basketball 🏀!

my projects

Study Spot landing page
🏆Study Spot
Jan 2023 - Present

Track how long you've been working in the library. Then, compete and show off your progress with an NFT!

React.js HTML/CSS Google Maps API
Main interface of the Chess
Waste No-More
Jan 2023 - Present

Creating Autonomous solutions to waste management

Python Robotics
Main interface of the Chess
Chess Board Visualizer
Nov 2022 - Dec 2022

Train your knowledge of the chess board squares!


life as slides

~my life outside of academics~